The Lord designed time with a built-in blessing for us to claim and walk in.
We are now celebrating the Hebraic:  



Tevet: (Dec / Jan)

Feasts: The End of Chanukah

Alphabet: Ayin (eye, spring, well)

Tribe: Dan - to judge, grow up and mature

Characteristics: A month to let your good eye see

This month of Tevet is represented by the Hebrew letter “Ayin” which pictures an eye. This is a month to focus on the Lord and let your good eye see. Getting focused is very important as you war against and break the powers of the evil eye over your life. We must understand the evil eye structure which is embedded in our culture and would want to manipulate us and guide us down their path. But as we take the time to focus on what God is doing, we align ourselves heavens revelation and strategies for our life, and our footsteps are ordered by the Lord. Ayin also pictures a spring or well. Call for rivers of living water to spring up and flow out and declare no stagnation!

Tevet is associated with the tribe of Dan which means: to rule, judge or to execute judgement. Pray for artistic and creative expressions in worship this month and ask the Lord to form a rear guard over the past season. Pay attention to the prophetic words over your life so that you do not miss your destiny. *Be willing to war when God calls you, stand for your inheritance and don’t back down! Break off and passivity or complacency that would cause you to remain stuck and declare that you will leap forward like a goat!

Tevet is the 10th of the twelve months in the Jewish calendar, and 10 is the number of godly authority. We will begin to see nations that are not allies with God’s Covenant take a wrong turn this month. This is an important time to pray for your Commander in Chief, and rulers in that land so that godly authority is established.

Tevet is a month of holy anger and righteous indignation - things that are out of order will begin to manifest. *We can be angry but we must not sin (emotions have a fine line, but when you cross that line, your soul will get damaged and your promise will not manifest) remember that we do not war against flesh and blood - declare that as you leap forward this month you will step on the serpent's head!

This is also a month to be sure that our blood is cleansed and purified. Tevet falls during a time of holidays, so this is a good time to fast because we have usually eaten too many holiday goodies. Fasting for 3 days at certain times is built into us and cleanses our blood. This is also and a good time reflect and review education for the initiation into the next phase of life. Ask the Lord to reveal His perfect plans and paths for you. Declare Isaiah 35:8 that “A highway shall be there, and a road. And it shall be called the Highway of Holiness”