The Lord designed time with a built-in blessing for us to claim and walk in.
We are now celebrating the Hebraic:  


AV 5779

Av is the fifth month of the Hebraic calendar, the word Av literally means “father” and is derived from a root word meaning “to will” or “desire.” What are you desiring this month? This is a month to seek the Father. Let our hearts echo Ps 27 this month and declare that the One thing I will desire, the One thing I will seek, will be to dwell in the house of the Lord forever, to behold His beauty, and to inquire of Him

Many refer to this month as “Menachem Av” (Comforting Father) because although this month is associated with many tragic events, our Heavenly Father was faithful to bring comfort in the midst of them. Why is this month associated with so manytragic events? Because on the 9th of Av Israel chose to listen to the voice of unbelief! God designed Av to be the month to celebrate the Promise land, but instead of believing God, the people agreed with unbelief and gave a negative report. They tasted the fruit of the land but refused to enter. They held back in unbelief and by doing that put themselves under a curse!

Because of the sin on that date, Israel spent 40 years in the wilderness. God gave them a second chance to enter, yet they still never repented of the sin, and so every year the cycle comes back around and the window of destruction opens again. When we don’t repent of the sins of the past, Satan is free to bring the curse of that sin back around on us and the door of destruction remains open. From the destruction of the Temple.. to even the approval the program that became what we know today as the holocaust! But God still wants Av to be a month of blessing and celebration of His goodness. Av is a month that presents us with a choice! Will you choose to like Israel stay in the destructive cycle by believing the lies of the enemy? Or will you choose to believe God and enter into His cycle of blessings?

Declare that you are NOT going to stay in the cycle of unbelief, and that you will close the door of destruction and we open the window for God's blessing to come thru. We CHOOSE not to partner with the negative report, and we CHOOSE to receive His Promise and mix it with Faith this month! (Heb 4:1-2)

The Hebrew letter for this month is the letter “Tet” which resembles a womb. Certain things will be conceived and begin to be birthed this month - be careful who you are “intimate” with. Watch your handshakes, agreements and relationships. Determine to be pregnant with the Promise of God and nothing else! It is a month when the secrecy of pregnancy begins to be revealed and shown. Just as a pregnant woman can keep her pregnancy a secret for a while, there comes a time when she begins to show. This is the month where that which He has placed in you, and has been growing in you, begins to manifest and be seen.

Just as a natural mother has to be careful what she does with her own body in order to protect the baby inside.. We too have to protect the things God wants to “birth” through us. *This is extra important this month as we are winding down the hebrew year year 5779 which is itself a year of birthing.

Decree that every seed God has planted in you is coming to full term and being birthed forth. Speak to every plan and word God has spoken into you and declare life in the name of Jesus! We curse and uproot every seed of the enemy and say that we will partner with Holy Spirit to nurture and protect the destiny God has for us!

Av is the month that the lion roars. When the Lion (the people of God) roar - a prophetic covering is created. Amos 3 is about unlocking what is above you and the sound that begins to resound in the earth realm. It is the month for the divine will of the Father to be executed, and is a month when the earth contracts - watch for earthquakes and take note of where they take place.

The tribe this month is the tribe of Simeon who’s name means “to hear.” What are you hearing this month? We always want to make sure that we are hearing correctly so we can align correctly. Simeon is from the Hebrew word “Shema” which means “to hear AND obey”! True “hearing” involves more than just our ears, it involves our obedience! A glance at Simeons life tells us that he did not hear rightly, and as a result lost his inheritance. But we also see God’s grace redeeming the time and giving him a second chance!

Did you know that the Bible connects our hearing with our kidneys? Ps.16:7 says that “I will bless the Lord who has given me counsel, My *heart also instructs me in the night.” That word “heart” lit. means: mind, kidneys! And we can even see the connection in the natural - those who suffer from kidney disease are also prone to hearing loss! Our Kidneys also act as the filter for our body, so this month might be a good time to flush out any excess things that have built up inside you so that your kidneys will be able to function more freely, as well as protect your hearing!

This month of Av is also connected with a new level of discernment. You are either developing a new level of discernment.. or you are opposing counsel. Listen carefully - you will hear key impressions this month. Declare that you will discern rightly, and obey quickly. That you will be a doer and not a hearer only. Decree that this month you will begin to bring forth that which God has conceived in you and press into your Promise thru Faith. No longer will we hold back in unbelief.. For we choose to believe!