The Lord designed time with a built-in blessing for us to claim and walk in.
We are now celebrating the Hebraic:  





·      The month to understand secrets

·      Month dealing with the conscience & soul, natural healing

·      God revealing His Covenant Names & secrets to us

·      A time to contemplate numbers you receive in dreams visions

The month of Iyar is associated with your conscience, which is linked with your thought processes and emotions. So this is a month to deal with your soul (your mind, will, & emotions). Clear out the distractions and things that would hinder the fresh wind of God, so you can experience the fresh flow of revelation in your life! Speak to you soul and command it to incline and align with the Word of God! I love the way Chuck Pierce describes it “It’s like what happens when you get cut. You have an element in your blood that begins to create a mesh to coagulate the blood. If our conscience is not clean, a mesh will form that hinders the wind of His Spirit. To keep your conscience cleansed all year, the window of heaven and the window of your conscience must be aligned. He can keep the window of heaven open but if the window of your conscience is not aligned, you will miss the revelation. God wants to be sure that the window of your conscience is opened and aligned, so when He begins to blow by His Spirit, you don’t miss what He is blowing into you.”

Iyar is also linked with the Hebrew letter “Vav” which means “connection” or “linking.” It is the picture of a connecting-pin or nail. The first time we see the letter Vav is in the very first verse of the Bible “In the beginning God “created” (vav - connected, linked) the heavens and the earth.” It’s also what Jesus did when He was “nailed” to the cross, He re-connected heaven and earth and established an connection for us to go directly to the Father! And that’s what God wants to do for you this month! Connecting the light and revelation of heaven to your world! Evaluate your connections this month, and ask the Lord how and with whom you are to connect. Make sure that you are properly aligned and fully connected to Him, because it will determine your course during the year.

Iyar is a month to receive spiritual advice, we need to bind all of the diviners and ask the Lord to activate our prophetic voice. If we do not exercise our gift, the enemy will bring in a counterfeit. A false prophetic voice will corrupt the watchman - We need to advance in the watch during this month.

To understand Iyar, we need to look at what happened to Israel when they were coming out of Egypt. It was a month of transition when the Israelites journeyed from Egypt to Mount Sinai. It was on this journey that God began to reveal His Covenant Secrets to them, His Heart for them, His Love toward them. And in each of these things Israel was able to personally experience who God was to them.

They learned that God heals, so they called Him Yahweh Rapha. They got to know Him as the “God who Sees and Provides” so they called Him Yahweh Jaira. And when He was their “Banner of Victory” they called Him Yahweh Nissi - who do you call Him? The word Iyar in Hebrew is actually an acronym for “I Am the Lord Your Healer’! So this is a month where God is highlighting that aspect of HImself. Healer of your body, Healer of your soul, emotions, and your mind! If you would like to know more about who God is revealed thru His Covenantal Names, you can go to

I LOVE psalm 119:33-38 and I think it wraps up this month perfectly!! “Grant meunderstanding so that I can keep Your law and keep it wholeheartedly. Guide me to walk in the way You commanded because I take joy in it. Turn my head and my heart to Your decrees and not to sinful gain. Keep my eyes from gazing on worthless things, and give me true life according to Your plans. Verify Your Word to your servant that will led me to worship You

In Iyar God will give an extra blessing to those who set their hearts on seeking HIm by revealing the secrets of His covenant. So ask Him to reveal His secrets to you this month. Let God show you who He is to you in a new way, let Him reveal His covenant to you in a fresh way this month so that you can walk in the His blessing all year long.

This month is linked with light, which signifies increased revelation. Light is the opposite of darkness. If darkness tries to overtake you this month say, “No. I am increasing in revelation!” Isaiah 60 says that the glory of the Lord can be seen on you and that it radiates off of you. This is the month you need to light up with His glory. This month is also associated with the tribe of Issachar, who are known for their anointing to know the times, and to understand secrets. Issachar was a tribe known for their knowledge of the law and being scholars of the Torah. It’s no wonder they had such an anointing in times and seasons, and that they knew what to do! Prov 6 speaks about the law (Torah) and says “when you roam, they will lead you. When you sleep, they will keep you; when you awake they will speak with you. For the commandment is a lamp, and the law a light..” Surround yourself with plenty of light this month, and watch as paths that you haven’t seen before begin to open up before you