Prophetic Worship Art
A prophetic person is a seer and gets a vision or a word and shares what the Lord speaks through the vision or word. A seer, who is an artist, puts the vision on paper, rather than just explain the vision like a prophet does. One might give the word the Lord was imparting through the vision, or let the picture speak for itself to each individual.


I saw a lion with a mane of fire. I believe it says that his eyes of love are fixed on us, like a doves eyes, they mate for life. The fire tells me to trust the one who loves me so much he would die for me, and let him burn off anything that hinders the wonderful destiny he has in store for me. Knowing his great love for me is what keeps me on this path. Surrender to the work of his love, as the clay must submit to the potter. The bridal seal is divine fire. Lean in to his heart. He knows the plans he has for us. 
Sunday July 15, 2018