Guard what was committed to your trust.
— 1 Timothy 6:20
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Men's Ministry

The identity of a man is something that needs to be chased with everything that you are. The Lord has called the man to be the head of the family, not the ruler or the family boss but the head. As the head of the family it is important to have love, grace, humility, leadership, Godly authority and Godly confidence evident and active in your life. Throughout the year we offer support thru differnt studies applying to the needs of Men.  There are also Men's gatherings throughtout year.

Even if your a young man, this is good for you to learn now so that you become ready and able to lead your future family the way God has called you to lead.

Men's Ministry Contact - Pastor John ONeal -609-267-7537

Women's Ministry


Twice a year we have a Women's Meeting, during which we provide a time for women to come together to fellowship and receive insight from the Word of God. Pastor Christine gives opportunity during these times for women within the fellowship to use their gifts and will also invite outside speakers who enrich the lives of those who come. Our meeting is a wonderful time of fellowship with a very special group of women!

Women's Ministry Contact
Pastor Christine McKeon @ church (609) 387-4430